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A Magical Math Video Sampler

An example of a lesson from The Teacher's Book:
(Tune "Skip to My Lou")

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Students use a poster or picture in the workbook.  They point and touch every number as they sing it, using the numbers inside the picture and in the title below it.  The children learn to associate the pictures with the numbers, and have fun while gaining total recall of math facts that lasts a lifetime.

View Video clips from the Teacher's Workshop DVD:

1: Opposites Help Understanding


2: Understanding with Blocks


3: Demonstration with Clothespins


4: Available Teaching Tools


The DVD shows you how to teach and reinforce these key Grandma's Magical Math concepts:

The S.

Stages of Learning

  1. Students look at the pictures to find the answers.

  2. Students look at pictures only when not completely sure of the answers.

  3. Students no longer look at the pictures, but think of them as needed.

  4. Students remember the numbers without even thinking of the pictures.

This takes practice. Use of the Workbooks is essential to arrive at stage 4, where memorization is permanent.


Addition and Subtraction


Grandma’s Math teaches addition and subtraction together as mirror images of the same entity. The SUM is always the biggest number. The name of each picture tells the SUM.  Numbers in the picture are addend partners that work together to make the SUM.

addend + addend = SUM 

SUM – addend = addend

Multiplication and Division


Grandma’s Math presents multiplication and division together also as mirror images of the same entity.  The PRODUCT is always the biggest number.  Smaller numbers called factors are partners that work together to make the PRODUCT.

factor  x  factor = PRODUCT 

PRODUCT   factor  =  factor 


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